The Bookends

The Bookends forthcoming album, “Calliope” is like an amusement ride for your heart and soul. Hold on tight, this JEM Records release is coming out on September 18th. 

The 14 original tracks have a power pop edge with some garage & psyche sounds. You will want to listen repeatedly to this varied mix! 

Karen Lynn & Sharon Lee comprise The Bookends. Their signature sound involves singing beautifully in unison. They are extraordinarily talented first cousins who co-wrote an album that is a real spirit-lifter. Toni Scott heard the songs and gave the album a name that capture the essence. 

As such, the very first sound on the album is a calliope that successfully draws the listener in for some serious mood adjustments & perhaps the most exciting girl band sounds of the decade. 

The calliope theme brings the band back to feelings of being a child. The songs “conjure up a sense of freedom and bliss.” 

“Wouldn’t it be great to revisit that feeling as an adult, especially when things get tough…,” Sharon said. 

The Bookends created something that would make people feel a little better in these rather bleak and uncertain times. 

“We hope we can bring a refreshing escape to our listeners and that they enjoy the music and feel at the end of the album like they’d want to repeat the musical ride again!” Karen said. 

The album features: Sharon Lee, bass, keyboards, lead vocals; and Karen Lynn, guitar and lead vocals. In addition, the session drummers are Buck Ellis, Ward Reeder and LarryAlvarez. Additionally, Frank Labor is a guitarist. The Bookends are gaining momentum. Rodney Bingenheimer from Little Steven’s Underground Garage on SiriusXM Radio has debuted the album on his Sunday night show, spinning the following two songs from the album, “Face The Facts” & “Have It All.”