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Marty Scott (pictured) is the founder and former president of Jem Records, Inc.

Jem broke many artists through its highly effective radio and in-store airplay methods, launching the careers of many UK and domestic artists through its F.A.R.M. system. 

Working with many of the major labels it released first ...

The Anderson Council have The Coolest Song in the World on SXM Radio!

The Coolest Song in the World on Little Steven's Underground Garage on SXM Radio Channel 21!  

"Do You Remember Walter"

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The Weeklings

America’s most unique celebration of the music and muse of THE BEATLES, features former members of Styx, Dave Mason, the original …

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The Anderson Council

Established in 1999, The Anderson Council is the brainchild of singer and songwriter Peter Horvath, whose love affair with late 60’s pop …

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The Midnight Callers

Combining their passions for huge guitar riffs, lush harmonies, sticky hooks, and Bonham beats, New York City’s The Midnight Callers aim …

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