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Marty Scott (pictured) is the founder and former president of Jem Records, Inc.

Jem broke many artists through its highly effective radio and in-store airplay methods, launching the careers of many UK and domestic artists through its F.A.R.M. system.

Working with many of the major labels it released first albums ...

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"I've Just Seen A Face"

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The Weeklings

America’s most unique celebration of the music and muse of THE BEATLES, features former members of Styx, Dave Mason, the original …

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The Grip Weeds

Bands like The Grip Weeds usually aren’t built to last. The clichéd “personal and musical differences”, changing tastes and Father Time …

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Nick Piunti

You know the story, kid gets a guitar for Christmas, never puts it down, moves to L.A. with his childhood band to find that power pop was …

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