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The Airport 77s

Marty Scott, President of JEM said that he was excited to bring The Airport 77s on board, and the two tracks will be part of a full-length album in 2022.

“I recognized these singles are a great introduction to The Airport 77s’ signature sound,” Scott said. 

“The Airport 77s are upbeat, catchy, harmony-laden pop rock. They are a perfect match for the label.”

Based in Silver Spring, Maryland, bassist Chuck Dolan, drummer John Kelly, and guitarist Andy Sullivan came together over a shared love of obscure 1970s nuggets. Critics have likened their turn of phrase as Zevonesque. High praise!

No matter where they play -- parades, clubs, street festivals, or golf courses--- people seem to like them.

“Perhaps it's because we play up-tempo songs that don't wear out their welcome; perhaps it's because we often wear silly outfits and don't take ourselves too seriously. We are not trying to be Serious Artists; we want people to have fun at our shows.”

---The Airport 77s

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